Heading Off Repair Bills Early

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There are hundreds, many even thousands of things that can go wrong with any vehicle today.  As the vehicle’s become more sophisticated the problems become more severe – and more expensive.  Take a look at the things we have listed below and check out the various things that you are able to do to avoid huge, costly repairs because you were unaware of the problems. First, the obvious things need to be considered.  Let’s take a virtual walk around your vehicle.  Take a look at the tires.  Are they in good shape?  Do they show extensive wear ?  Tires that are worn could mean several things.  First the obvious problem that they are worn and need to be replaced.  However the pattern of the wear could suggest that you have a more serious problem with your vehicle. Wear on the inner edge or outer edge could mean you have a problem with the alignment of the tires.  This is a situation that can be easily corrected by taking the vehicle in for service.  Make sure that you point out the wear pattern to the technician.  They can check the components and let you know if more extensive work will be required or if a simple alignment will fix the problem. Moving on in our virtual walk around now, take a look at the various lighting fixtures around the vehicle.  These are very common areas to have slight problems that will result in huge problems if not corrected.  Sometimes lenses will become foggy or have a lot of condensation behind them.  A little bit of moisture is normal.  However an extreme amount is not normal and will eventually lead to electrical shorts in the components that could potentially travel to the brain of the vehicle.  Have the damage checked out by a licensed mechanic.  You might need to replace the lenses but that is a far lower repair bill than the one required to replace the computer in your vehicle. Now let’s take a look underneath.  Are there wet spots on the ground under your vehicle or on the frame parts?  You might have a leak in one of the many different areas where fluid travels.  Some are not a problem.  For example, after you run your air conditioner you will notice water dripping from under the front of your vehicle.  This is normal condensation that occurs when the air is cooled.  Nothing to worry about.  However, oily spots are potentially serious problems.  There are many components in your vehicle’s engine and drive train that rely on the various lubricants within the system.  When there is a leak you need to have it checked out.  Additionally until it is repaired you should plan on continually checking that particular fluid level so that the vehicle does not run out. Now on to the control panel within your vehicle.  When your engine is running are there any indicators lights that are lit up on the dash?  Service engine, check oil, temp, brake, battery and so on are just a few common ones.  There are others that are not worrisome such as door ajar, gate ajar and so on.  These are just telling you that there is a door open.  Service engine or check engine are two common lights that people will almost always panic about. In reality however this light is not normally a critical issue.  It should be checked out by a mechanic, but these lights normally deal with the emission system.  The issue can range from a gas cap that was not properly tightened to a complete malfunction of the emission control module

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