Leather Seats feature

Replacing My Vehicle Vinyl Seating with Leather Seats

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Replacing Vinyl With Leather seats Leather has long been considered an option that would increase the value and desirability of almost any vehicle adding a touch of luxury to your vehicle with leather seating options by replacing factory cloth seating with a brand new leather interior can help in many ways. Pros of having leather [...]

Car under the Stars

Sachse Cars Under the Stars

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Cars Under The Stars | Saturday, July 26 A great Car show is getting ready for this weekend. Anyone looking for a great time there will be over 200 cars 1000 guest and booths and food trucks. Sachse’s Chamber of commerce is the host of the show. Here are photos from last years Cars under [...]


Will a lift kit effect my gas mileage

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Will a lift kit effect my gas mileage? A lift kit and wider tires will have no noticeable difference. These things may create some resistance but not enough to ever notice. The tire height may affect mpg greatly or it may not depending on if the gearing forces the engine to work much harder Tire [...]

right exhaust system for my vehicle

Choosing the right exhaust system for my vehicle

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Which exhaust diameter is right for me? Choosing the right exhaust system for your vehicle; 4″ exhaust system for applications less than 450 horsepower 5″ systems are recommended for 450 to 550 horsepower applications 6″ systems are recommended for trucks that have more than 550 horsepower Will an exhaust benefit me? Upgrading your exhaust is [...]

Truck Bed Liner

To Drop In vs. Spray On: The Truck Bed Liner

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Eventually, for all intents and purpose each truck manager remains at an intersection — whether to drop in or spray on a Truck Bed Liner. This seemingly little decision will determine how your truck ages, how you can utilize the informal lodging the vehicle will search for a considerable length of time to come. A [...]


Maintenance Of Trucks With Lift Kits

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Keeping up a truck with a lift pack is as imperative as keeping up a truck that does not have a lift unit. Your truck is a vehicle that is normally utilized out and about – and like all machines, it needs to be consistently cleaned and oiled and in particular, checked, for it to [...]


Dallas Custom Car Show

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Did you make it down to see the Dallas Custom Car show this weekend? At MK’s Customs we can provide you with all the truck and car accessories you will need to customize your vehicle. We provide awesome deals and products to revamp your cars look and customize how you roll. This show included: Hundreds [...]